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Answers to a few good questions…

What is Porter?

Porter is a new breed of Online Travel Agent working hard to help match you with the right hotel, rather than just showing you every option available.

Where can I book a hotel?

We've initially partnered with Booking.com so can help you book any property available on Booking.com. This is over 2.5m properties around the world.

Why are you called Porter?

Our name is a nod to the hard work that real-life hotel Porters' do in helping you out. Much like them, Porter is focused on doing the heavy lifting to match you with great hotels.

What makes you unique?

Our key unique selling point is our focus on personalisation. Rather than showing you every single hotel available in a location, we'll work to show you a shortlist of those that we believe best match your personal preferences.

Isn't booking a hotel already easy?

If you know where you want to stay, then yes hotel booking is incredibly easy. For those who don't know what hotel to stay at, finding and booking the right hotel is a stressful and time-consuming task.

When can I search for and book a hotel with Porter?

Our team is currently hard at work finalising the Beta version of Porter. We plan to start rolling out access to those at the top of our waiting list during the first few months of 2021.